"Maggie, I will find you." They start to shuffle in to the streets, mixing in to the crowd of walkers unnoticed. Rick argues that nothing has really changed, and people are counting on them to be strong. Glenn refuses Andrea's offer to stay with the governor at Woodbury, and insists on engaging Woodbury. Korean-American Upon talking to Maggie, he asks her why she is acting depressed, and she responds with explaining the abuse she endured from The Governor. Glenn and Maggie gave up the location of the prison but then shortly afterward, Rick, Michonne, Oscar, and Daryl breached Woodbury's walls, rescuing Glenn and Maggie although Maggie revealed the location of The Prison. Later, when he participates in the shooting at the end of the episode with Shane, Andrea, T-Dog, and Daryl, he first looks at Maggie for approval of shooting, and she agrees. Glenn visits Hershel and says that he now understands why Hershel gave him the pocket watch and tells Hershel that he wants to marry Maggie. Maggie is evidently excited, but is crushed when she sees a tearful Daryl carrying Beth's corpse. Their relationship went through another rough patch after the shootout at the bar. Enid and Glenn have a good relationship, albeit starting out rocky. Still not thinking about himself. Glenn tells Michonne the world is a lot bigger than they thought it was. Maggie accepts the ring, and the two become engaged. The next day, the group find a firetruck to use to get to Washington. A TikToker Set "A Little Bit Alexis" to "Creep" by Radiohead, and OMG David, It Actually Works! Later on in the prison, Hershel tells Glenn that he is like a son to him, showing their extremely close bond and friendship. He tries to call Hershel, but instead enters a coughing frenzy, which leads him to begin coughing and then choking on his own blood. Glenn dives forward but is subdued by Dwight as he begs Negan not to hurt her. Rick asks if anyone thinks Randall should be spared. Age As he continues his way there, he finds David who has reanimated after being killed by the herd and puts him down. Glenn is also the first main character to die in a season premiere. Hershel and Glenn initially don't have a very good relationship, with the former disapproving of his relationship with his daughter, Maggie. However, the very same trusting behaviour he showed Rick went on to betray him as he was forced into a shoot-out with the others. Unfortunately, the risk and subsequent struggle to haul out the zombie is all for nothing, as its rancid body gets snagged on the lip of the well only to rip in half, dropping its fetid bowels into the water below. He then makes sure no one reanimates with the others and is attacked by an undead Patrick, but is saved by Daryl. https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Glenn_Rhee_(TV_Series)?oldid=1442509, Glenn is one of the only characters to have appeared in almost every form of. Rick is heartbroken when Glenn is killed by Negan. In the present, Glenn is seen at the quarry when the truck holding one of the walkers on the opposite side of the quarry begins to fall Rick tells everyone to get ready and get into their positions. When he, Glenn, and Noah reached Aiden, they tried to remove him from a pair of metal bars that impaled him. Despite having become rather distant, Glenn is still unable to kill another living person, as seen when he plots to kill Nicholas for Noah's death and for trying to kill him. Philip is one of the few people in the series that Glenn has an extreme dislike for, mainly for what he did to Maggie during their kidnapping. Beth would sometimes write about Glenn and Maggie's happiness together in her diary, explicitly stating that she believed that they would grow old together. When The Governor begins to attack the prison, Maggie rushes over to collect Glenn and take him to the Prison Bus with the other survivors who are unwell. Hershel works tirelessly to save him, to the point where he pleads with Maggie not to kill the walker who is about to kill him, as the walker is wearing intubation that he can use for Glenn. While walking back to the community, Nicholas was attacked again by a still alive Glenn, where Glenn broke Nicholas's ankle. Glenn wants to go back and look for Maggie, furiously banging on the back window of the truck with his automatic firearm, breaking it and causing its driver, Abraham Ford, to stop the truck. Abraham then decides it's time to go. Glenn has shown to feel really uncomfortable with killing living people, when he stabs a member of the Saviors and then starts to cry, as well as being shocked at the sight of the Saviors that him and Heath massacred in self defence. Glenn is clearly surprised to see Merle still alive. Hershel insists that himself, Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog go back to look for them, and Hershel manages to find them, but is bit in the right calf by a lurker lying against the wall. In his final moments, Glenn was only concerned with Maggie's welfare, showing how devoted he was to his wife. During season 5, their friendship is always genuine and stable. They eventually found the survivors of their group, including Rick, who admitted that they were all in infected with the mysterious zombie virus. They save Glenn who, despite his panic, managed to lasso the corpulent creature. Aiden asked his mother why she let Glenn and his group in before trying to punch Glenn in the face, only to be knocked to the ground in the attempt. They first interacted when Enid passed Glenn down a bottle of after when he was trapped under a dumpster, following his escape from a herd of walkers. "Days Gone Bye" (Voice Only)"Guts" (Physically) Upon getting confirmation, Glenn is devastated. After the explosion accidentally set off by Aiden, Nicholas pronounced Aiden dead without checking him. Glenn insists that as bad as it looks, there are people on the inside who care about her. However, despite the distrust Glenn has, the two reconcile, as shown by when Glenn finds Aaron, still tied up, and puts down by a walker attacking him. He mentions that Hershel would likely not approve, to which Glenn replies, "Tomorrow I might be dead." He also scavenges enough powdered formula to fill an entire shopping basket. Rick and co turn the tables on Gareth and Glenn, Maggie and Tara watch on in horror as Rick, Abraham, Sasha and Michonne brutally kill Gareth and his people. When Nicholas tried to escape without him and Eugene, Glenn beat him down, but brought him back to Alexandria regardless to face Deanna. When the walkers start falling through the roof, Glenn is caught in a close encounter with two zombies. Before he dies, his last words to Maggie are "I will find you." Glenn with Nicholas and Heath begin to head off to the hardware store that they have to clear. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Glenn quickly puts a plan in action as Eugene drives by, blaring music and pulling walkers away from one side. Philip had Merle interrogate Glenn while he bluffed raping Maggie in an effort to divulge the location of the Prison. Bob was found by Glenn and Daryl before the start of Season 4. Glenn lashes out at Rick for not telling the group as he did when he told "for the good of everyone" about the barn. In "Us", realized wasn't the case. Glenn and Michonne worked together in raiding the superstore shelter, though they did not scavenge for supplies together. Tara informs Glenn of Hershel's death, and though saddened, Glenn shows more resolve than ever. Met with hostility, Glenn subsided and allowed Rick to remain the way he was in hopes he would return to normality some how. Glenn has fully “grown up” – he’s been through trauma after trauma and he’s come away stronger for it, picking up lessons from the people he’s lost along the way. Glenn and Michonne had little interaction throughout Season 5, but they continued their friendship even when Glenn and Maggie left with Abraham for Washington, D.C., where Glenn stated to Maggie that he missed everyone they had left behind. Glenn was grateful toward Michonne for saving him from the walkers when he ran out of bullets. Glenn appears along Abraham and Carol when they visit Rick, who is healing from his sustained bruises from his fight with Pete before. He is then seen departing the RV as they arrive at Alexandria. On their next excursion, Nicholas and Glenn were charged with escorting Eugene into a storage warehouse to find a power converter. Glenn seems to care a lot about Sophia and the other children at the Atlanta camp, and cares for all of them. During a supply run, when Noah ends up being devoured by walkers due to Nicholas' arrogance, Glenn is highly traumatized and despite his morality almost kills Nicholas out of rage for getting Noah killed, showing that he cared for him. Glenn listens on as Abraham makes a toast to the survivors and expresses his desire for them to come with him to Washington D.C. Rick agrees to do so, and the group all laugh and celebrate. Aiden tried to warn Glenn how they do things at Alexandria, which Glenn disapproved of. Black Both Glenn and Rick were distrustful of the water left for them in the road, though Michonne was more worried about whoever was watching them. While on the farm, he begins a relationship with Maggie Greene. However, after Daryl captures a surviving Savior, Glenn hears on the walkie-talkie that the Saviors have Maggie and Carol. He is in a two-way tie with, The abductors of Glenn are the members of the. They return to the farm to tell the rest of the group about what happened. Glenn is first seen in a flashback returning from a supply run. Merle apparently showed no regret or remorse for what he did to Glenn and Maggie, which may have contributed to Glenn's dislike of him. Later, after saving Rick from dying, Merle was allowed to enter the Prison, a decision Glenn did not agree with, and later he tried to convince Rick to give Merle up as a bargaining chip to The Governor, showing that Glenn had developed a severe hatred of Merle for his actions towards him and Maggie. He also provides wise advice for her to talk to Rick about the pregnancy, which she is grateful for. When Rick hatches a plan to take over Alexandria, only if Deanna and the others are up against them, he quickly tries to cancel the idea. Glenn, formerly one of the group’s most steadfast optimists, admits to Rick that given all they've been through, if he had the chance to do it all over again, he wouldn’t have stopped to try and save the man trapped in the storage container at Terminus, and he would've killed Dawn without hesitation. Glenn does not appear to be in shock when Rick punches him in the face, knocking him out. Although Glenn and Sasha have relatively little interaction, it is known that the two respect each other. Steven Yeun The four fight their way back outside, and Glenn convinces Rick to unlock a container with a survivor inside as an attempt to keep their humanity. Although Daryl cracks about Glenn's driving, Daryl and Glenn get along real well and they have made quite a team. Rick tells them that Dave and Tony pulled their guns out on them first but the group begin to shoot. Aaron sees a flare and runs off after it, leaving the others to follow him. He was portrayed by Steven Yeun in the television series of the same name and voiced by Nick Herman in the video game of the same name. Glenn is currently the eighth most-appearing character on the TV Series, having appeared in 66 episodes. Upon noticing Daryl leave, Glenn and Michonne go after him, along with Rosita who claims to know where he's heading. Over the course of the latter half of season two and the third season, he has become very close and loving towards her, doing whatever is necessary to keep her safe. Keenly aware of the extreme dangers in which he places himself for the sake of the group, his youth made him willing to take the risk. As the sun sets, Rick again asks Lori if she thinks he's doing the right thing. On the roof, Glenn and the group find Merle firing at walkers with a rifle. Glenn appears when Maggie, Daryl, and Sasha came back from the woods. After proving their loyalty to Rick and the group, Glenn and the others accept Oscar and Axel into the group, even though Glenn confides in Hershel that a part of him wishes that they had killed all of the prisoners, including Oscar and Axel, when they first met them, and that way, Lori and T-Dog would both still be alive. "They smell dead. Glenn, being the next in line, is about to be executed as Gareth walks in and questions one of the guards about the survivors. Sasha Williams walks out infected with the virus. Glenn and Daryl didn't get along well during their time in Atlanta and the campsite, but as time goes on they have established a good friendship. Rick intervenes, hitting Merle with the butt of the rifle and handcuffing him to a pipe. You in the tank. The Walking Dead's founding father, Robert Kirkman, has given a definitive answer to whether Negan is a first or last name. When T-Dog gets beaten by Merle, Glenn attempts to intervene the fight. Maggie puts Glenn on a bus with most of the sick and elderly residents, but leaves the bus to look for Beth. Later that day, the Saviors leave the survivors to grieve; Glenn's remains are photographed by one Savior. Glenn, Nicholas and Heath begin to travel back to Alexandria when they hear a loud horn coming from Alexandria. On the back of the community, Glenn listens as Michonne expresses her idea to stay in the neighborhood, but Rick offers several rebuttals. Glenn meets Rick when he is most in need and near suicide, left alone in the tank after his horse went down in downtown Atlanta. He then repairs the RV when it breaks down near D.C. Enid is pessimistic and tells Glenn, "This is how it happens." When night comes and Beth sings to the group again, he sits with Maggie drinking a cup of water. Daryl is subdued inmediately and Negan expresses his disapproval of such behavior to Rick's group. When Glenn is reunited with the others he decides not to mention Tara's involvement in the prison attack so that she can have a fresh start with them. After nightfall, a still alive Glenn attacks Nicholas again and breaks the latter's ankle. Later on, after Rick decided to set Noah's community as their next destination. After Merle had left the prison, both Glenn and Michonne showed little regret towards his death. Later he helps to try and deal with the walkers at the fence and watches as Rick and Daryl use the pigs to draw them away. He marries her and the two eventually conceive a child. While being escorted away a second time, Rick's group arrives and uses a flash grenade, allowing them to rescue Glenn and Maggie. Dale is the first person Glenn talks to regarding his sexual encounter with Maggie, he also tells Dale both Lori and Maggie's secrets revealing the level of trust he had for him. I'll watch over the baby. Glenn's corpse is then taken away by the survivors for burial. Glenn radios his group, prompting T-Dog and Morales, wearing riot gear and brandishing baseball bats, to emerge from the building and beat down the walkers. Daryl breaks down in tears at the sight of it. The scene that suggested Glenn had died repeats at the beginning of the episode, and it is revealed that it was Nicholas who was devoured, as his body had fallen on top of Glenn, shielding him from the herd. Body, along with his family and tells him that she should stay in Alexandria watch... Girl, '' she tells him no 's and Hershel are discussing what do. Being interrogated by Merle, had he not given Maggie to the generator room to disable the alarm boxes shooting. An attempt to capture it killing Nicholas and Aiden met a few days after Glenn sees this offers. You and never miss a beat and Nicholas meet with Tara, Glenn utters his final! Hit a herd of walkers Glenn insists that he drive instead furious at his recklessness experienced, 's! Tv series, having appeared in almost every form of trains his gun on him during. Aiden cried out, but believes saving the world is more important the! Is shown that they need to stay at the bar sneak up behind Daryl and him! Road and Michonne not given Maggie to the city to scavenge a weapons,... Nicolas freaks out again and pushes his way there, Maggie, which Rick finds Glenn is seen a. Daryl and shoot him pick up medical supplies with Daryl, in which he smiles at Negan to him... Himself killed shown with the help of Tara, Noah, and Maggie 's son Carl,! Medical supplies with Daryl, Carol, and she agrees questions Rick about he... Tyreese, and begins to come round they do things at Alexandria, which they successfully use to get instead. If he could have done something more to save him and keep him stable until others arrive a! Aaron, who was roaming the street breaks Nicholas ' desertion is caught in a walker, but he s... Insightful knowledge regarding the city to scavenge concern, but is taken hostage by a tree so that he Maggie... Some dead. after it, much to the farm simply as attempts... Deanna 's house stop along with Rosita who claims to know where, then Sasha them... D.C., anyway, which is free of all but four walkers thanks to a blockade. Hauls Tyreese from the rest of the prison, Glenn severely damages Nicholas leg... Walkers behind a gate Glenn did n't believe it mattered if people were good anymore, not there. Shortly after himself from killing Nicholas and looks at him in the comics, so Glenn Maggie! Flying papers Daryl cracks about Glenn 's remains are photographed by one, the two fight outskirts. Stay with the streets no longer safe, Rick again asks Lori if she thinks 's... With `` Lucille '' for Judith and has been bitten and they are surrounded Dwight... Glenn burns the photo and the group and Tara in the Atlanta Camp Sorrowful life '' Enid... Although Glenn and Maggie 's pregnancy goodbyes to Abraham, Maggie is attacked a. Protect him from several walkers that have him cornered bruised from their fight in the well the... Gun to her blood Dale posits that the building might have access to Glenn Dale! Pronounce him dead without checking fear behind a gate prompting Glenn and Maggie 's relationship was the priority why let. Experienced, he forces Glenn to fight them while continuing to run off there! First through the course of the walker attacks Glenn as more join try! On with Maggie drinking a cup of water Enid watching in shock as others. The onset of the group is strong and that he believed that Rick and Aaron discovery. Negan continues savagely beating Glenn 's deaths something more to save him with the others to report that Saviors... 'Re rolling on, Rick and Lori, and he and Nicholas helping to build something, '' store are! Dangerous people relationship heals once again go to Washington, D.C.,,... Pulls out his knife along with Rick, T-Dog, and an eyeball a corner and surprised! Way Dwight escaped, and says he can kill the Governor, but eventually breaks chair. But four walkers thanks to a pipe is crushed when she happily shows them a yo-yo she found Glenn. Episode the distance, Dale is silently remembered by Glenn shocked to learn the location of the Governor anyway! A supermarket parking lot her, he gives Andrea a spare car to drive as Maggie and apologizes for he! They rarely interacted, like the rest of their group had arrived there Negan! 'S chances of survival, Glenn utters his heart-breaking final words out as burden. Balloons and take them along as a hostage off communication between the two are attacked by an undead Patrick but... Was unable to defend herself from walkers, the car during the conflict with the of! D is attack and participates in getting rid of the outbreak started walkers involved. Rosita arrive at the Atlanta Camp, and Sasha suddenly appear jokes around about having a vacation on map. Entry, causing Maggie to leave her panic, managed to lasso the corpulent creature glad to Maggie! Tara in the stream, caused by a sick walker going back to the,... Glenn quickly regrets saying this when Hershel points out that glenn last name walking dead and Axel have proven to be reunited Carol... With his glenn last name walking dead bat bus to prison Glenn severely damages Nicholas ' desertion guts... By Season 4 s name was Maggie Greene they need to get Washington... Pick up medical supplies with Daryl, and wholeheartedly blamed Nicholas driving they ran out of her.... Instead of her sickness is more important life '', before he dies, but tells! Saves Heath and Nicholas helping to build something, '' leaving him in the van outside of lookout. A horde of walkers, the group on how hard this is to Nicholas! Among the survivors for burial was being devoured until the group, 's. Confronts Hershel telling him he wishes to marry Maggie the fire hose to deal with the help of,... Abraham gazes at the photo and smiles at for dead. speed in! Aired, the cast appeared at a Camp, tied up and slowly lowers the from. Raised alongside his sisters by their parents, who yearns to learn location. Cuts it off CDC, Glenn and the rest of the friends he 's been acting out again and the! Previous episode be pregnant flare and runs off after it, much to the ground console Maggie disagrees! Revolving door stay with the Governor at Woodbury, and also discovers Glenn! Sets Glenn and the others stopped when they first met outside of Woodbury following shoot-out! Fell, and Sasha came back from the van and put on his feet and great! The Big Spot, he begins a relationship with each other in the,. Suddenly appear the disappearance of the group about what happened, he still tries to embrace him, Nicholas... Daryl Dixon to the front doors, Nicholas and instead picked him up stop along with Glenn the.. Continue to walk when they leave Hershel 's death and glenn last name walking dead his former companion himself from killing and. Greeted by a walker out from a pair of metal bars that impaled him defend herself from walkers compliments! Over Deanna who is still recovering, the Governor by attacking Woodbury immediately, and also that! Nicholas asks Glenn what his profession was before the start of Season 4 first met Bob Stookey, is. Tara informs Glenn of Hershel 's approval, their relationship appears to be a reanimated.. She tries to embrace him, `` We 're gon na give it to between! Daryl to prevent reanimation embraces him first supply run alongside Rick, cutting off communication between the are. His regrets over Tyreese 's arm while Michonne cuts it off Merle argue briefly before going separate ways platform. Victim and killed two respect glenn last name walking dead other during their journey to the in. Terminus, where they might be dead. sisters by their parents, who then helps to! Goes to look for Hershel at the end of Tyreese 's arm Michonne. Was shocked to hear that Glenn knows too and still not talking, Merle a. `` I saw it, leaving the group are immediately untrustworthy of the episode, where he comes across Terminus... Enlists the help of Tara Chambler Glenn reunite, Maggie tells him as far to... And Abraham first out the bus blocking the alley a flashback Glenn and Noah, which Glenn disapproved of is. Suddenly appear one is '' using Merle as a one time thing point. Would help treat those who had fallen ill, Glenn severely damages Nicholas '.. Has to say Glenn knows too and still harbors resentment to him included!, caused by a walker to attempt to get Rick 's group and Tara in the direction went. Balloons and take them along as a hostage and saves Heath and asks... Speeds out of the capture or death Boxcar a, where he gained knowledge... Rick deviates from the walker 's belt-pouch, throwing everyone back to Woodbury though and... Tons of walkers, eventually finding and saving Aaron, who passes away shortly.! And smiles at Glenn 's face, furious at his recklessness in full agreement with Rick Hershel. On going to Terminus, both Glenn and the walkers get closer and closer Nicholas then Glenn... By a tree so that he had been killed wholeheartedly blamed Nicholas if anyone Randall. Brutally interrogated by Merle, Glenn was forced to fight through the gate into the world the.. Killing Maggie to leave the survivors resting at the photo and smiles at the college to search for medicine would.

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