Since they were required to work very hard, owners prioritized breeding from the healthiest individuals – an excellent genetic legacy. Inheriting the pug-like friendliness, these dogs are highly affectionate to their family members.They also display friendliness towards kids as well as other pets.Many Hugs can be lazy couch potatoes, sitting in its bed, dozing or sleeping. A harness is a much safer option. Buy from a trusted breeder who is willing to show you health records of both the puppies and their parents, The breeder should allow you to interact with the parent breeds. Any dog health issues should be clearly explained to you by the staff so you can make an informed decision. The curly tail of the Pug can twist the vertebrae in the spine leading to paralysis in extreme cases. Their coats may be either short- or medium-length with a lot of possible colors and patterns. Huskies and Pugs are both vulnerable to hereditary illnesses, which they can pass onto Husky Pug puppies too. Owing to their large size (compared to other pugs at least), Hugs are very energetic and require significant amounts of exercise. Most dog owners want to know what kind of life their dog will have, and how long it will last. The Husky Pug Mix is a mixed breed dog-a cross of a Siberian Husky and a Pug, also known as the Hug or Pug Husky Mix. It’s also important to trim their nails to prevent discomfort and to brush their teeth regularly. This increases the risk that a Husky Pug mix may develop cataracts. For this reason, we never recommend them as pets. In such cases, try not to get discouraged, but have a frank and candid conversation with the shelter about what kind of dog would fit into your home. A Siberian Husky grows between 12 to 23 inches. So expect your Hug pup to live up to 12 or 15 years. Huskies are vulnerable to cataracts which develops at around 6 to 12 months. 5. Huskies need at least two hours of vigorous exercise a day. Designer dogs are the offspring of two purebreds of different breeds. Heat is also a big danger. If you are interested in this pug mix, have a lot of extra patience to train a stubborn but devoted pooch. Siberian Huskies and Pugs are popular breeds for many reasons. Husky-Pug Mix dogs can be naturally energetic. Their lifespan and quality of life will depend a lot on the care they receive. The Pug breed has severe structural health issues which they can pass on to purebreed and mix breed puppies. In general, pug cross husky are less expensive to buy than the pure pug breed. It is a condition where the thigh bone fails to fit into the hip bone. A Hug is also likely to be a loyal companion. Since both dogs are extroverted and mischievous, you’ll certainly never have a dull moment with a Husky Pug mix. Before you take the puppy home, ensure he is screened for any potential health issues. You should monitor how much you feed a Husky Pug Mix, he is known to have a big appetite and the ability to eat himself into obesity. If you’ve never heard of the pug husky mix dog, of course most dog lovers does, then you should know that it is a dog that is part siberian husky and part pug. Links are below. Like many Pug litters (including most purebred Pug litters) conception involves a little helping hand from the breeder. Around 70% of Pugs have hip dysplasia and a further 40% have elbow dysplasia. Its coat will have long fluffy hair too. Brisk walks in the morning and evening are enough to satisfy his needs. This breed can either inherit the long and fine coat of the Pug or the thick, long coat of the Siberian Husky. You can do your research on the Pug Mix breed by reading our dog breed profile on the Pug. While grooming the coat, you need to clean the folds of skin to prevent skin infections. The Husky Pug is a designer dog that combines the sled pulling Siberian Husky and the companion dog Pug. A Pugsky with Husky dominant traits will have a coat that is: If the Pugsky inherits more of the Pug traits, the coat can be: Coat texture will also vary among litter. Coat color and appearance can vary within a litter too. If the puppy leans toward the Husky side, it will grow taller and weigh more. Pug Mix. While Siberian Husky is a sled dog, the Pug is a comical companion dog. Pug Mix February 15, 2020. Along with breathing problems, brachycephalic breeds also tend to suffer: Many brachycephalic breeds have skinfolds and wrinkles, which are easily irritated or infected. If he has the flat face of a Pug, he should be limited to low intensity exercise sessions. The Husky Pug cross is also alert and aware of his surroundings, which makes him a good watchdog. The Husky Pug Mix, Pugsky, or “Hug” as he’s usually called, is a designer dog. Having very low-to-none aggressive tendencies, it will get along with pets or small kids just fine. Can Dogs Eat Pork? A job the breed did admirably due to their limitless stamina. They need their coats brushed at least twice a week to get rid of dead hair and prevent matting. Watching the parent breeds interact with the litter helps you understand what temperament they may grow to have, A good breeder will interview you before letting you take the puppy home. But both breeds have different nutritional priorities, so ask your vet which food is best for your Husky Pug mix. The Husky Pug Mix is cheerful, loving and devoted to his family. Both the Husky and Pug have a similar lifespan. Huskies are consummate hard workers. Pressed noses can cause breathing issues and could lead to overheating which can be fatal. Experienced owners who can handle a high-maintenance, strong-willed dog well. Flat-faced breeds can’t pant effectively with such a short muzzle, so they can’t regulate their temperature in warm weather. Siberian Huskies and Pugs were founded and developed for very different purposes, and they are very different dogs. We cannot recommend this breed. Training a Husky Pug Mix. The Pug Husky Mix price is around $1200 to $2000+, depending on the breeder’s reputation and location as well as the age of the puppy. In most cases of the pug husky dog mix, the features are taken from the Pug, and the personalities are from the Husky side. He is great with children and can coexist with other pets too if socialized from an early age. Some Husky Pug Mix puppies have a short coat like the Pug or a long fluffy one like the Husky. Teeth brushing is also important to prevent gum disease, bad breath and tartar build up around the teeth. Play Dog Trivia! This is a skin condition that affects the skin folds and spiralling tail of a Pug. If the Husky isn’t busy hauling cargo, he is spending most of his time playing and causing mischief. Like all designer breeds, the Pug Husky Mix is not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. These mixes aren’t the most obvious mixes, ... No Pug mix list would be complete without the Puganese – or the Havanese and Pug cross. So what could be more appealing than having elements of both in one dog? This condition also prevents Pugs and Pug Mix breeds from indulging in intense activities or exercises. Both Pugs and Huskies are prone to obesity. They have bottomless reserves of energy, and a devilish tendency for mischief. Husky Pug mix dogs are also known as Hugs! A light jog can be just fine. compromises the health and welfare of another generation of puppies, Comparative Analyses of Genetic Trends and Prospects for Selection Against Hip and Elbow Dysplasia in 15 UK Dog Breeds, Cataracts in 44 Dogs (77 Eyes): A Comparison of Outcomes for No Treatment, Topical Medical Management, or Phacoemulsification with Intraocular Lens Implantation, The Epidemiology of Patellar Luxation in Dogs Attending Primary-Care Veterinary Practices in England, Best Harness For Yorkie – Best Yorkshire Terrier Harnesses With Reviews. Like all designer breeds, the Pug Husky Mix is not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. A Husky Pug mix can be a Pug in a Husky’s body, the other way round, or a scramble of qualities from both dogs. The expected life span for a Hug is approximately 12 to 15 years. is this really possible though? Flat-faced breeds can easily overheat during vigorous exercise, especially on hot days. Since Pugs were bred to keep people company all the time, they can develop extreme separation anxiety and even depression when not accompanied by their owners. A Husky Pug Mix dog can also be full of energy, a trait passed on from the Husky side. The Husky Pug Mix is a unique breed that’s stealing the hearts of dog lovers around the world. The Hug dogs are known for their cheerfulness, intelligence, and loyalty. In this case, it condemns the puppies of an otherwise healthy Husky as well. How much exercise your Pugsky needs depends on which parent he takes after the most. Pug + Husky = Hugsky One puppy could have the body of a Pug and the face of a Husky. Featured Pug Mix Article. In a Pug Husky Mix litter, expect the pups to weigh between as little as 15 pounds, up to 60 pounds when mature. This is a respiratory disorder that affects flat-faced breeds like the Pug. It is mixed of completely different dog breed in term of size and also behavioral traits. They can inherit conflicting or incompatible traits from each parent, which is confusing and distressing for them. This breed will most likely require lots of exercise along with extensive or professional obedience training. This mix is considered to be small to medium sized. The Hug might inherit the laziness of his Pug parent. Even though he is eager to please, he has the independent nature of a Husky, and the entitlement of a Pug. Families with large secure gardens work great for Hugs who have these energy levels. A Husky-Pug Mix with Husky traits will need an hour of exercise at least. This goes for their physical appearance too. Bright, R.M., “Laryngeal Collapse in Dogs,” Saint Francis Veterinary Center, 2011, Karabagli, M., “Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome in Dogs,” Istanbul University, 2012, Lewis, T.W., et al., “Comparative Analyses of Genetic Trends and Prospects for Selection Against Hip and Elbow Dysplasia in 15 UK Dog Breeds,” BMC Genetics, 2013, Lim, C.C., et al., “Cataracts in 44 Dogs (77 Eyes): A Comparison of Outcomes for No Treatment, Topical Medical Management, or Phacoemulsification with Intraocular Lens Implantation,” The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 2011, Monnet, E., “Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome,” World Small Animal Veterinary Association, 2015, O’Neill, D.G., et al., “The Epidemiology of Patellar Luxation in Dogs Attending Primary-Care Veterinary Practices in England,” Canine Genetics and Epidemiology, 2016, Your email address will not be published. The Husky-Pug mix needs a lot of consideration before taking on due to the potential characteristics and health issues that it could inherit from either parent. Luckily the Husky is a relatively healthy breed with only a couple of primary considerations regarding health. It’s also possible to see Hugs with the beautiful blue eyes of the Husky parent, which makes quite the sight. If you have a husky Pug mix, you’ll need to start training him from day one. This is especially true of the unlucky Pug. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Too many designer dogs are bred in poor welfare conditions to realise a quick profit. © 2020 DoggyDogDog - All Rights Reserved, Husky Pug Mix: Everything You Need To Know About The Hug. He will do his best to keep his family entertained with his silly clownish antics. A Pugsky with a Pug’s traits only needs half an hour of exercising. Pugs are often only capable of a couple of short walks, with lots of indoor games in between. They will ask questions about your family situation and how much time you have to devote to a dog. This dog’s coat can go either way. They need A LOT of indoor games and mental stimulation to replace the urge to sprint. This article has twelve great places you can go and get started. They are also suited to agility classes and activities which channel their intelligence productively. But due to their incredibly contrasting parentage, the actual nature of a Hug is very difficult to predict. Today you will see 23 crossbreeding of dogs. A Husky Pug mix is a dog with a Siberian Husky mother and a Pug father. Is Pork Bad for My Dog. The Husky Pug mix is one of the most popular of the Husky hybrids, and it is a very interesting mix. Muzzle length also varies greatly between dogs of the Husky Pug mix. He loves to spend time with his owners and tends to follow them around everywhere they go. Pugs reciprocate the pampering they get with affection and loyalty. Adding too much weight can put strain on the joints and spark digestive disorders. It is very important to mention that if your Hug has the flat face of the Pug, he may struggle to exercise. It can either be long and fine like the Pug, or thick and long like the Husky. And sadly once they have overdone it, recovery is not as simple as taking a breaking to cool off. DoggyDogDog is a dog blog for everything puppies and dogs, dedicated to helping people raise healthy and happy pooches. This designer breed is becoming more popular among dog lovers because of its unique looks and easy going character. The Husky Pug Mix, Pugsky, or the Hug is a cross breed between the energetic Siberian Husky and the ever-laidback Pug. Other puppies will have the thick double coat of the Husky (heavier shedding). Adopting A Pug Bulldog Mix Requires Knowing All Of These. Some Hugs are known to be couch potatoes that sleep all day. As you can see, Pugs have a lot of worrying and potentially life-threatening issues to deal with. This mix breed is becoming more popular and getting one will require some looking around. Some of the dogs do not suit each other completely but nevertheless they were crossbred. So expect your Hug pup to live up to 12 or 15 years. The Hug is the designer breed that is created by mixing Siberian Husky and Pug. The Hug might not be comfortable with living in confined spaces, especially if he’s of larger size. The Husky Pug mix is a designer dog that aims to combine well-loved aspects of both the Siberian Husky and the Pug. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this mix due to their high risk of developing Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome. Some may inherit the flat face of the Pug, while others in the litter can develop a longer muzzle like the Husky, or somewhere in between. But you won’t know until he grows up whether he’s more independent like a Husky, or completely co-dependent like a Pug. Some puppies may inherit wrinkles from the Pug or the coveted blue eyes from the Husky. The Husky Pug mix is one of many popular mixes involving the Pug. The Husky Pug Mix Dog Breed Conundrum: It is important that you know that if your Husky Pug inherits a Pug’s flat face feature, it means any form of physical exercise needs to be done with caution. There they were bred as both companion and working dogs by the Chukchi, an indigenous people. Therefore, it is important that you have enough space for a larger dog within your home because your puppy could grow much more than you’d expect. Breed February 19, 2020. Some Hug puppies can live longer if they are well taken care of. Those living in big, spacious homes. Siberian Husky / Pug Mix Breed Dogs Information and Pictures "This is one of our dogs. This is problematic because the lack of activity can put them at risk of obesity. However, you may have luck contacting rescue centers for the parent breeds. Husky Pug mix health. Pug Mix February 12, 2020 (DAUG) Dachshund Pug Mix. Their breathing difficulties become more dangerous during exercise because they cannot meet the increased oxygen demand. To find your perfect puppy, navigate our Pug Mix puppies page below! However, it is your decision. Husky Pug Mix Personality & Temperament. Now, mix that with the Pug’s stubborn streak and you’ll get a stubborn, intelligent dog with a high prey drive and lots of energy and that gets easily bored. This active dog is a splendid addition to any family and requires very little maintenance. Nonetheless, we don’t recommend Husky Pug mix dogs for inexperienced dog owners, or households without lots of time for training. Parvo is a viral infection that causes gastrointestinal illness in dogs. It is a cross between the Siberian Husky and the Pug. And reach as little as 14 pounds in weight to as much as 60 pounds. the lady said the father was the husky and the mother was the pug.... OUCH! He demands to be the center of attention and might even lash out if he feels he’s not getting any. The pug husky mix is a designer dog that is a mix between the friendly Siberian husky and the lazy old adorable Pug. Many flat-faced breeds die suddenly exercising in hot weather. The Pug Husky Mix can be domineering in the presence of pets and other children. A Husky Pug mix will most likely display a willful and stubborn behavior, making it difficult for a first-time dog owner to implement obedience training. The Pugsky usually inherits the muscular body of a Husky so is usually larger than the standard Pug. A Husky Pug Mix is an ideal family dog that is cheerful, affectionate and loyal… The two breeds are very different from one another in terms of appearance, size, and characteristics, but this mixed breed actually exists. Unlike the working Husky, Pugs lived sedentary lifestyles among Chinese royalty. If your Pugsky inherits the laziness trait from his Pug parent, you need to make an effort to keep him physically and mentally stimulated. The length of the muzzle will vary too. A Hug is also likely to be a loyal companion. The pomeranian husky mix is one of the most popular new husky mixes and the ‘look’ can vary widely from breeder to breeder. A Pug’s small body and pressed nose impedes its ability to indulge in high-intensity exercises. You should use positive reinforcement and keep training sessions fun and short as this mix breed tends to get bored easily. The best way to understand the Pug Husky Mix is to take a look at his parents. You may also like: Blue Dachshund: 9 … Cataracts are also known to occur within Huskies, and they can have a genetic basis. And in recent years, with rising interest in designer dogs, the Pug Husky mix has certainly become more popular. This bond grows when that person invests time into feeding, grooming, playing and training him. Also, brachycephalic breeds such as the Pug have protruding eyes making them more prone to injury or eye infections. The United Kennel Club recognized the same dog breed in 1938 under the name Arctic Husky. So on and so forth. There are other issues within the parent breeds that could potentially arise in a Husky Pug mix dog. Here are some of the common health issues: Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS). The Husky Pug Mix, Pugsky, or the Hug is a cross breed between the energetic Siberian Husky and the ever-laidback Pug. Due to the large, round heads of brachycephalic breeds, many cannot give birth to litters naturally, a require a Caesarean. This crossbreed is receiving more attention in recent years. They are loyal to their humans, but spent most of their history working in a team with other dogs. They like to lie down all day and do short walks with their owners. The Hug Dog is a breed developed by crossing the Siberian Husky with the Pug. They can grow anywhere from 10 to 23.5 inches in height. A Husky Pug mix can be a Pug in a Husky’s body, the other way round, or a scramble of qualities from both dogs. While Husky Pug mix dogs are generally very friendly and outgoing dogs, it is still important to ensure they receive socialization training from a young age. Unfortunately, Pugs are susceptible to many life threatening disorders that could be passed on to their offspring, so this step is crucial when considering this breed. Pugs, on the other hand, certainly had an easier and much lazier history. Husky Pug Mix puppy price. A good breeder will give you a full medical report of the puppy. However, at their core, dogs always eager to please their owners. A Husky Pug mix canine is a smart and affectionate crossbreed that will be the right fit in just about any loving family. The Husky Pug Mix is slowly gaining popularity as a family dog. The Hug is usually friendly with strangers and is eager to please anyone that gives him attention. You might be able to avoid them by choosing a puppy with a defined and strong muzzle, more like a Husky. Huskies were developed to be sled dogs that transport people and goods across icy lands. As we cannot truly recommend this breed due to its structural health issues, we recommend that you take a look at these healthier breeds with a similar disposition. Expect to spend between $1200 and $2000 if you are buying a Husky mixed with Pug puppy from a trusted breeder. On the other hand, the advantages of hybrid dogs are: This article explores the purebred vs mutt debate in more detail, to help you decide which is best for you. It causes breathing difficulties because the nose is compressed and can’t take in sufficient amounts of oxygen. A Pugsky height will average the two, growing to at least 16 inches and at most 22 inches. Some rescue centers are rather strict about who they let adopt a dog. Dogs who can’t burn of their energy get bored, frustrated, and destructive. Huskies were used to haul supplies over the long subzero frozen expanses between Chukchi settlements. Your email address will not be published. Whatever dog you choose there are always associated health risks with particular breeds. Chug: Chichuahua + Pug Source: Pets4Homes Therefore, exercise sessions or walks should be reserved to when the temperature is moderate, early in the morning or at night. Make sure to take the feeding bowl away when he’s done to prevent overeating. As a result, an experienced home who understands both parent breeds is essential for this loyal, friendly and stubborn pooch. The Husky Pug Mix. We’ve given you a lot to take in, so here is a brief summary of the good and bad of this breed. The droopy ears of a Pug also need regular cleaning to prevent the accumulation of bacteria. A Pugsky will be loving to the entire family, but will grow fond of the person who he spends the most time with. Considering how they inherit traits from both of the parent breeds, you can expect a Husky Pug Mix to possess a happy predisposition akin to the Pug along with a few Husky traits to top it off. Lifespan: 12 to 15 years; Weight: 45 to 60 Pounds; Height: 24 to 24 Inches; 6). If the puppy inherits the appearance of the Pug, it is likely to have a short body with a Husky’s face. Join in the debates using the comments box below. The two breeds are very different from one another in terms of appearance, size, and characteristics, but this mixed breed actually exists. The content on DoggyDogDog is for general and educational purposes only. The mix of the mischievous Siberian Husky and the alert German Shepherd, the Gerberian Shepsky is a proud dog that isn’t afraid to have lots of fun. Hip and elbows dysplasia are genetic conditions in which the bones do not develop correctly at the joints, leading to early onset arthritis. Pugsky dogs with a Pug’s coat are moderate shedders. The Chukchi (an indigenous tribe in Asia) were the first people to breed the Husky. In a Husky Pug cross litter you can expect the newborns to turn out with different physical and personality traits from each other. Due to the large height and weight difference between both of the parent breeds, it is especially difficult to estimate the height and weight of the Husky Pug mix. I adopted what the lady said was a husky/pug mix today. For this reason, you should incorporate lots of mentally stimulating activities to prevent boredom and destructive behaviour. They like to play games and hold your attention, but their compressed muzzle means they can’t exercise hard without risking their health. Siberian Husky ancestry traces back to northeastern Asia. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: If you are looking to adopt a Husky Pug Mix from a shelter you might have to wait for some time. Hug: Husky + Pug. Frequent exercising helps improve their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This is because although he inherits his intelligence from the Husky, he may also inherit the laziness of a Pug or the stubbornness of a Husky. A Husky Pug Mix is not the easiest dog to train. It will be difficult to control a pups urge to go for a sprint. Hybrid dogs benefit from a wider gene pool than pedigree dogs, many of which have a high frequency of hereditary diseases due to generations of breeding within a very confined population. Around 2000 years ago in Ancient China, royalty had a certain fascination with developing flat-faced breeds. The American Kennel Club recognized the Husky in 1930. So they tend to get depressed in households without someone at home all day. Some Hug puppies can live longer if they are well taken care of. Some puppies will have a short smooth coat like a Pug (light shedding). Brachycephalic breeds have shallower eye sockets, leading to bulging eyes. The Husky Pug Mix was originally bred in he United States of America to serve as a family dog. Interesting fact – Due to the size difference, Husky is always the mother for Husky Pug mix. The topcoat will have straight guard hairs while the undercoat is dense with short hairs. This leaves them unprotected and prone to injury or infection. We have resources available here on how to understand your dog and how to train him. These coils can actually extend from the tail into the back, twisting the vertebrae in the spine. While some pug husky dog mixes may share similar characteristics with the pug, others may derive more of their personalities from the husky side. A Husky Pug Mix is not the easiest dog to train. This post include on query of Husky Pug Mix which is also known as hug dog and it’s temperament, care, training, health issues and everything you need to know about Husky Pug Mix by As a result, the Pug Dog Club of America was formed in 1931 and steered the popularity of Pugs.

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