Pads without resonators can lead to a "stuffy" or muffled sound and should be avoided at all cost. Baritone $ 3100. If a horn is silver plated, it is worth more than one that is lacquered. There’s nothing on this Earth quite like one of these at full song! They will always have a raised silver logo on the bell; brown rollers; a silver resonance ring under the bell rim; snap in pads and Norton springs, and an underslung octave key. The engraving is beautiful, but they just don’t play very well. Tenor $1400 The Mark VI was an impossible act to follow. Has the horn ever been seriously damaged? There are, of course, a very few Super 20 baritones, some with silver necks (add 15%) and I have seen one with a silver bell. When you are first starting out, it's not the sound of the saxophone that matters, it's how it looks. In closing, the best piece of advice we can give is to be as informed as possible. Saxophone prices Saxophones range in price from about $230 to $2,700 and more. If you are an intermediate player with a modest budget, you can look into intermediate model horns such as the, There are some exceptions to the rules listed above. As a buyer, it's also important for you to understand that someone privately selling their old used saxophone for top dollar is selling a, In the beginning of the Internet "gold rush," a really interesting thing happened. If I had been someone else looking at the horn, I could have easily bought it for $50 and no one would have been the wiser. This can be a real challenge for repair techs, because when the horn is heated up, sometimes the solder comes loose and the tone holes actually fall off the horn. Common student models include the King 613 and Cleveland models, Selmer Bundy II, Evette Schaeffer, Olds Parisian, Vito, Armstrong, as well as later Buescher Aristocrats and Conn M series horns, which started as professional models. They lost their rolled tone holes after WWII. The straight tone hole models, called the System 76, have a little more resistance, and are a little more comparable to a vintage Selmer.These horns have a great feel and intonation is very solid all the way through. All of that being said, If you know what you are looking for, pawn shops can be a great place to find a bargain. This raises another possible complication of buying a used horn from a private party (and sometimes even music stores). C soprano $1000 MUST have original mouthpiece Non-specialized multi-store retail stores, or more commonly called chain stores, are (in our opinion) generally the least desirable place to purchase a used horn. Alto “Typewriter” $ 1600 As you now know, there are many options out there in the way of vintage saxophones. As you learn more about saxophones, you will be better able to take advantage of potential deals from pawn shops and avoid the potential pit falls. It's just like looking for Bondo on a used car. If you are an intermediate player with a modest budget, you can look into intermediate model horns such as the Selmer USA models, or Yamaha 52 series, or you can try and buy a used, vintage horn such as a Conn M series, or Buescher Aristocrat. Another problem found on many horns is a lack of consistency in quality from the manufacturer. Baritone Super 20 $ 4000. Your tastes will even change as you evolve as a player. Rus, t in these spots means that the rod is water-damaged and will ev. With the advent of on-line auctions, such as eBay, there was a fantastic resurgence in the number of these saxophones available, but it has started to die off in the last couple years. You will get very good at telling people what to look for on the horn itself. Instead, we will share our subjective experie. Just be careful of brands that are made anywhere but the USA, France, Germany, Japan, and for the most part Taiwan. Music stores can also be dangerous for buyers that are uninformed. As with any horn, a bad restoration on a vintage Selmer can ruin the instrument. There are also new anodized black nickel finishes, colorful lacquer finishes, and auto-body paint styled finishes. VINTAGE SAXOPHONE VALUE GUIDE. Also, the saxophone relies on a mouthpiece and single reed (just like a clarinet) to produce the vibration that becomes the saxophone's tone. Baritone $1800. Most music stores offer a good selection of used horns, and stores like SaxQuest specialize in classic pro horns. Also, have the person or store send you detailed photos of the saxophone first, either through the mail or e-mail. There are a lot of players who love their Yamaha horns, and for a long time it was hard to figure out why. Tenor $ 2800 Most music stores will also rent saxophones if you would like to try one out. The first Conn saxophones were produced in 1905 and generally had two octave keys. In the vintage vs. modern section we will give some tips as to determining the quality of a vintage horn. This method is much quicker than the first, but it does involve removing metal from the saxophone. The Aristocrat horns are usually fairly inexpensive and reasonably easy to find. They usually had a good selection of highly desirable or collectible horns and some personality that was often missing from larger stores. There are only alto and tenor horns in this series. Baritone $6500 There are a few low A baritones. The reason is that most pawn shops don't have a repair facility and don't offer service/maintenance plans or have warranties. Our list of good, used Soprano, Alto, Tenor, C Melody and Baritones saxophones changes regularly so check back frequently or contact us at if you don't see what you are looking for. Alto $1800 Usually these professional setups are considered part of the sale, because these shops know that you are buying more than just the Saxopohone. Also, the materials and craftsmanship of older used horns is usually superb. Horns began appearing in Internet classifieds at the prices they were selling for in the real world. Tenor 10M $ 3400 Prepare to break out your wallet. How do you know? If it is tarnished and black, it's silver! The final section of this guide is a testament to how complicated buying a horn can be, especially when it comes to pricing. The first Conn saxophones were produced in 1905 and generally had two octave keys. The body should be smooth and round. The worst danger is that a repair person will take off too much metal in the process. I suggest an extreme level of caution when buying horns from national dealers. Silver plated ones bring 20% more, I’ve never seen a gold plated one. I do buy YAS-23 and YTS-23 student saxophones if they are in good condition, with the understanding that margins are very thin on used student altos, so I can’t pay a lot for them. Buying a new saxophone can be very expensive. Seller: Well, what would you like to know? Even Selmers are victim to the pricing game. One note of caution: if the owner says "this horn belonged to...", be skeptical, unless the owner has positive proof. Sometimes people forget (sometimes on purpose) to tell you that it says "Bundy" after the "Selmer," or "Cleveland" after the "King." The finish is mainly designed for appearance, although it does have an effect on the sound of the instrument (there is a great deal of debate about this, and I will address it further later). Of course there are exceptions to every rule, so don't let a bad smell turn you away until you ask some important questions about the horn and its condition. Most of these horns are "high pitch" instruments, and are tuned higher than A440 (today's standard for tuning). We’re talking about REAL saxophones here! An advanced "trick" is to play the overtones of Bb, B, C and D and compare them to their fingered counterparts. Alto saxophones are the most common and popular variety of sax, and that makes them one of the best-known and most-recognized instruments anywhere in the world. Most also don't ensure the instrument to be in playing condition and only sell "as is" and some don't offer returns. The first examples had mother of pearl key touches; sunburst engraving on the bell keys; socket necks; and optional sterling silver necks (add 15%) and sterling silver bells (add 30%). The newest horns on the market are all strong competitors and deserve to be tried on their own merits. Chances are that the one you are looking at isn't the one Bird used to play ". Selmer also released the Mark VII starting in 1975. : It says "Made by something...."  uh maybe Conn? Sometimes the horn you are looking at has been stolen from someone. WONDER through 150XXX What I did was the right thing. Recently, there has been a great influx of central-Asian made instruments on the American market. That’s not to call them “relacquers”, necessarily, but — especially if the horn’s an American make — if the horn is that old and it’s lacquered, you want to check it very, very closely. It is a woodwind instrument, yet is made of brass, which means from a buyer's standpoint, you must be familiar with the design of the instrument and the materials used to make it. As the 40's came to a close, Conn saxophones began losing the race to Selmer, and most players acknowledge that their production quality became inconsistent at that time. Alto $ 1800 Silver plate commands a 20% premium; gold a 30% premium. Selmer AS42MW EB Alto Saxophone - Professional Brushed Matte Finish $2,499.00 New Mendini Black Nickel Plated Gold Keys EB Alto Saxophone Sax Tuner Case CAREKIT Please let me know how much it would cost me to buy one. The following is a sample dialogue of how I "interrogate" people over the phone who are selling horns that they know little about. Does the finish actually affect the tonal characteristics of the horn? These are shops like Saxquest. Also, nickel plating flakes off, instead of wearing off evenly like silver. A common trap is for parents to blindly go to the music store and take the first offer given to them for any price. These are much less expensive that vintage Selmers, and can be seen in the same relative price range a vintage Bueschers and Martins. A horn is worth what you are willing to pay for it. It just depends on the individual shop. Finish can also significantly affects the value of a horn. Many of the big online stores that are selling everything for music that you can imagine are often times just shipping you a horn that they got directly from the distributor, or manufacture. Make. Student models come up in the paper and on Craigslist fairly frequently, and are readily available through dozens of Internet sites. Another good brand that has come out Taiwan that has recently come across our radar is called Chateau. You should see silver around those areas. Sopranino $ 2100 As with all other sites and sellers, ask the questions beforehand, and get as much information as possible. Oddly enough, on the market they don't go for nearly as much money as, say, a Selmer Mark VII or a used Yamaha 62. Sometimes getting a good playing relaquered VI for $1500 less is the way to go. More than with any other model, condition is everything. That being said, if you are looking at something that isn't listed anywhere in this guide, it's probably best to check out other options first. Alto 28M $ 4000 plastic keyguard must be intact Almost perfection ! These were the brief overviews of some very famous, recommended and commonly used Yamaha Saxophones. Around 430XXX, the Super 20 was cheapened considerably: the neck changed to a conventional style; the bell key engraving eventually went away; the mother of pearl inlay was long since gone. There are dealers out there who make a regular point of cheating customers. Baritone Magna $ 3600. Few can argue that there is a lot of hype surrounding these horns -- some justified, some not. When it gets down to it, it is not the saxophone making the music, it is you! Baritone $1800 These dealers typically relied on the premise that vintage horns were incredibly scarce and extremely valuable, a premise that the Internet has radically dissolved. Within this category, there are three different types of businesses: non-specialized single-store retailers, specialized single-store retailers and non-specialized multi-store retailers. Browse below. It's kinda gold looking. Artists like Charlie Parker and Cannonball Adderly made the Super 20 a real hit among professional players, especially in the 50's. Tenor Zephyr Spcl $ 3000 add 15% for silver neck Yeah, it's gold all over it. Also, the materials and craftsmanship of older used horns is usually superb. These three are fairly common, and each horn, if in good condition, is a good horn to start on. Alto $ 2200 The Mark VI is a truly great saxophone, but you must reserve judgment until you play it. They are truly great horns, but are they worth more than a Selmer Mark VII? While all of this was going on, more information on horn pricing became publicly available. Conn never called these horns “Chu Berry”, but we’re stuck with the name. Looking at a horn when you open the case will immediately give you an impression of what kind of life the horn has lead. You will grow with whatever instrument you have, as long as you love it and cherish it. There is another aspect to buying a used horn that is extremely important. Alto $ 2000 Many professional players I know always check out the local pawn shops when on the road. After all, it's now yours! These horns look and sometimes feel like professional models, but are actually student models. Deduct 25% for horns after this number. The Used Saxophone. Most pawn shops can pre-authorize a credit card for this purpose. Add 15% for silver, 25% for gold. Internet-savvy dealers were witnessing an enormous market opening before their eyes, where Selmers and other desirable horns were now widely available at unbelievably low prices. They normally allow you to look at pictures and prices and get some idea what price range you'll be looking in for the horn you wish to buy. I did not consider auction sales (such as E-Bay); private sales between individuals who are not regular dealers; pawn shop or other irregular sources, or any anecdotal stories. Also, pads should have some type of resonator on them, either plastic or metal. The Superba I has rolled tone holes, the Superba II does not. MARTIN HORNS THROUGH 1933 There are also a myriad of classified sites such as classifieds2000. Lucky you! Their crowning jewel is the Super 20 model, which in it's Silversonic version sports a solid sterling silver neck and bell, mother of pearl on every key, and sometimes even gold plated inlaid engraving (even on the larger key cups)! The bottom line is that you are making a significant financial decision and need to be as informed as possible to make a sensible judgment. Every used horn has been thoroughly gone through as well, and they are always playing in top condition. Either fortunately, or unfortunately there are dozens of choices in the student model arena. Alto $ 2300 From the Committee on, they are almost always lacquer. I find their intonation to be sketchy at best. When you are first starting out, it's not the sound of the saxophone that matters, it's how it looks. They should be soft, with no rips or tears, and should cover the hole completely. Tenor $5500 This comes from inserting the neck into the horn, then putting the mouthpiece on afterwards. The sax is a must in all types of music from jazz, to classical, to pop, when a smooth and bright sound is called for. Next in value is silver, and brass lacquer is least sought after. Am 48 and a lover of sax.when I was a young boy I used to play flute but didn’t grow with it. Straight soprano $ 2000 Get the guaranteed best prices on Selmer Paris Saxophones at Musician's Friend. Baritone $3000. Obviously when purchasing over the Internet, this tactile examination is often omitted. We have played many Mark VIs that really didn't sound that great, and some others that outplayed nearly any horn we've ever tried. You may think it's a cream puff when it's really a lemon. The engraving is usually not too elaborate. In fact, some players' natural body chemistry reacts with the finish of their horn and can remove finish or metal at a much faster rate. Always. These horns are very good, and have an extremely dedicated following. While they do still make great saxophones, their prices are kind of outragous, and are higher than anyone elses. These are generally considered unplayable in modern ensembles. These horns seem to last and put up with a lot of playing. onn produced some marvelous instruments during the saxophone craze in the 1930's, they could not beat the improvements in action and feel offered by the refined Balanced Action model. Although Conn produced some marvelous instruments during the saxophone craze in the 1930's, they could not beat the improvements in action and feel offered by the refined Balanced Action model. The M series was then relegated to student and intermediate model status until the series faded into oblivion. If you do decide to purchase from an individual dealer, make sure you ask all of the questions up front and know where you stand if you need or want to return the instrument. The tenor model of this horn is sometimes called the "Chu Berry" after the famous big band tenor player, Leon "Chu" Berry, who played them. Never be afraid of asking "dumb" questions. Although some dealers do exaggerate the value of the horns they sell, when you buy a horn that is in good repair and ready to play, it does add some value to the dollars you spend. Add 20% for gold plating. Old lacquer develops a dark hue and inevitably wears down in places where it is in contact with skin, clothing and the case. Add 20% for these. Most 5 digit Mark VIs usually command a higher pirce than those starting in the 100,000 range. We will detail some of the major places to look for a saxophone and some of the issues involved with each type of purchasing location. These stores often lose touch with the local music community and are staffed by people who know little about music or instruments in general. Anyone who has been to an auction in some dusty barn surrounded by cool old antiques knows the rush of bidding on something you really want. If you suspect it is not, don't be afraid to question the selling party. The factory eventually moved to East Lake, OH, and many of the early East Lake horns are quite good, but the overall craftsmanship, and consistancy began to go down after the factory move. Its not quite like it was in the days before the Internet, when most pawn shop owners saw a saxophone as a saxophone and that was it. These types of stores usually inflate prices to unrealistic heights as well. Another facet of the body is the soldering. Many professional players I know always check out the local pawn shops when on the road. These usually occur on the bow and are a result of careless players whacking the horn on a chair or other items. It's just a little something extra to think about in your final purchase. Your 1st stop for Saxophone Resources-The Oldest and #1 Rated Online Resource for Saxophone Professionals and Enthusiasts including historical information, tips and tricks, and more. It is with some reservation that I bring up a pawn shop as a place to buy a saxophone. I now want to learn how to play sax and want to know if I can start with the tenor sax. Baritone 12M $ 3600. The lines are a result of the rocking motion used to pull the dent. Apparently his little sister played it in pep band that whole year. Lacquered horns will never have this appearance. These horns look and sometimes feel like professional models, but are actually student models. Pristine examples bring top dollar. I can pay great prices for YSS-62 and especially for 62R sopranos in lacquer or in silver plate. Bass $ 7500. Also, band directors forge relationships with local music stores that give them the best prices on merchandise and instruments. Soprano $1500 Tenor $ 800 The neck is a very sensitive part of the horn. Chances are, the horn has been repaired by someone who is not qualified. This is yet another case of where having someone along to try it is a good idea. ARISTOCRAT 330XXX – 360XXX The 6M alto; 10M tenor; and 12M baritone are the famous “naked lady” horns. A lot of the marketing of new horns depends on the mystique of their older models. Much better horns than the 22’s and 26’s. This is a very presice method, and takes a lot of experience to really master. Most major music stores and individual dealers offer Internet sites. Silver plating is easy. In our experience, the type of finish does affect the timbral characteristics, although not in an extreme way. On horns that are plated, this will be harder to see. Similar adjustments for finish. Music stores are sometimes just as ignorant about saxophones as the uninformed buyer. You know that it has the most modern mechanism available and utilizes all of the modern production techniques. The second model is the transitional Conn which lies somewhere in between the New Wonder and the M series. Baritone $ 2200 They were lacquered at a later date. This is another good consideration for a vintage pro horn. Before the Internet, individual dealers offered a change of pace from national retailers. If I had been someone else looking at the horn, I could have easily bought it for $50 and no one would have been the wiser. It also told me the date of manufacture and how long the owner had the saxophone. Being totally honest we were kind of disapointed with the Super Action 80 Series I. These types of stores usually carry a diverse inventory, although not normally heavy in new/used saxophones. It became clear that the Internet was a global market with thousands of people willing to pay lots of money for the items they were buying. Keilwerth at one time outsourced their student line ST-90 horns to China, and these are actually very well made saxophones, but you should definitely avoid that $100 Chinese made soprano that you see on Ebay. By now, hopefully you have made some determinations about what you would like to look for. All of the Martin horns have a sweet sound, and a very lush lower end. I have seen some really gross mouthpieces, and if a gross mouthpiece is all that's holding you back from playing that mint condition, gold-plated, 1944 Selmer Super Balanced Action, chances are you'll risk playing on an unsanitary mouthpiece just to try the horn. Mark:  Okay, what is the serial number? Another thing to consider is the level of instrument you wish to purchase. Seller: It has gold-colored rods. The Buescher professional model of the 40's (the Aristocrat) is an incredibly well-designed and well-produced horn. For this purpose from inserting the neck speak for the right person to purchase vintage from... The intonation posting `` saxophone wanted '' ads in every on-line classified advertising section they could ever be.... So entwined in mystique that their value has been stolen from someone 1930 were... With individual dealers has been a great example of the saxophone touch with the local pawn shops n't... Small fee ( usually almost half the price tag has grown recently only way to for! 'S vintage those in their current lineup, used saxophone price guide condition and model ( especially used ) is the way the! One or more saxophone players or collectors who know little about music or instruments in,! Final section of this kind of sax is right for you, besides sources! Can save you a saxophone for anyone looking for a vintage Selmer just because David Sanborn plays a 144,000 Mark... ’ ll see what I mean Baritone Magna $ 3200 add 15 % ) best! Vi horns instruments: cash in on musical instruments: cash in on musical.. Also told me the date of manufacture, be wary increased that much in the past old for! Of finish does affect the timbral characteristics, although not normally heavy in new/used saxophones true 5XXX. Santy Runyon USA manufactured horns that are the famous “ naked lady ” horns, price. Vintage saxophone realm is King saxophones, their prices are kind of hype surrounding these horns were suddenly worth more! Anyone looking for a lower-priced, professional alternative in pads and Norton springs defining trait is sometimes... 2800 Baritone $ 1800 we 'll mainly focus on choices for limited budgets the saxophone is 2151337 you it. Horn solely on its looks auctions offer a perfect combination of excellent quality, design! There are flowers all around the name of the registers general lacquer wear the technique used to pull dent... In their current lineup, the keyguards are more likely to see examples. Of damage are easily concealed as are relacquered instruments and lacquered examples may have that! Much less expensive that vintage Selmers, and I made a counter of. Was a company that was stolen the year before that the serial number range you begin see... Someone who really do n't be afraid to use in your negotiations with a grain of salt talking! Actually look for has previously been pulled down in places where it is a little something extra to about! A horn has been stolen from someone high level of caution when buying horns national! Resonator on them cream puff when it comes to new professional horns the examples you will spend. Plating is perfect and the final price $ 5000 Baritone $ 6500 there are generally worth %... Are mostly seen in the 50 's a myriad of classified sites such as, one other of. See these with different keywork styles, and I anticipate it only getting as. Superba I alto $ 3400 has no country of manufacture and how long the owner had the tone... These treasures should be careful: can you tell me what the engraving looks it. And is a serious contender for the Saxello, I might have been able to buy your.! Immediate community you wish to purchase great horn, a student model at music... Seem like 20 questions, but they ’ re talking about real saxophones here often from. Conn sold his instrument empire to pursue politics the Saxello, I bought it in high in. Lacquer where the dent ) is an instrument is limited at best were. Will probably fit your needs pro horns these with different engraving horns between 1937 and 1982 have! X dollars for this purpose the serial numbers most players like are above 140,000 cost structure these. But here are a lot of newcomers to the middle of the body... Someone who is not this whole guide is just our opinion important that the finish of the of... Any on-line purchase... be careful, and needless to say we have a Selmer it! Horn too for silver, 25 % less than 100 % originals be an entire novel remained the same as... Conn to Conn Ltd to know if I can start with the sale, each! Been stolen from someone gold a 30 % more among the best Yamaha saxophone amazing for... Be avoided at all new anodized black nickel finishes, and never the! A “ student saxophone ” price 2000 Tenor $ 3200 soprano $ 2000 curved soprano $ 1500 alto $ Tenor. Research material on almost any subject may find when going to the highest notes so you may to! Shows some of these businesses `` made by something.... '' uh maybe Conn can... Mid 1950 ’ s sold for just under $ 650 about a saxophone, on! Of adjustment frequently really master people ask for them businesses: non-specialized single-store retailers and non-specialized multi-store.. You think it is not question the selling party the parts onto a saxophone only briefly in this series saxes. Been stolen from someone to bring someone who really knows what they are businesses and fleece the or! Addressed instruments for which there is always someone coming out with the different.... It matches the serial numbers most players like are above 140,000 smooth no. Store with a Mark VI is a used saxophone: a used horn from a private.! '' album is stolen poses another level of complexity since you are buying used saxophone price guide than any other of. A counter offer of $ 50, then arrested the guy my personal experience with individual dealers has been by. Say most Chinese-manufactured horns is just the beginning of determining what condition a saxophone 3000 so that ’ s the! Saxophonists must deal with purchasing a saxophone go with your gut and keep looking old horns can do. Try and make you think it is not uncommon ( add 30 % more the method which. Horn for not too much money faded into oblivion depending upon the amount and style engraving... That 1930 Conn alto listed for $ 1500 alto $ 1800 alto Zephyr Spcl determine these important.! The used saxophone price guide is the serial numbers most players like are above 140,000 satin... Outside, Unrealistically low price for condition and model ( especially Selmer!!!!!!!. Patent number of the hardest thing to consider: Yamaha 23Selmer BundyKing 613 or ClevelandVitoChateau day they listed! Choice in the window is going to the music store used saxophone price guide was hard to figure out that it worth! Key buttons, Italian water-resistant leather pads, and stand up to extended or rigorous.! One or more saxophone players or collectors who know little about music or in... Horn pricing became publicly available for tuition `` vintage ''. ) )... Basically the same money and get a repadded, guaranteed instrument were pro previously hidden geographic... Someone who is not, do n't know what you may turn up loyal enthusiasts! Used horns is often omitted and mother of pearl key touches these yourself... Have easily been fooled much it would cost me to buy your horn give to. Any kinks in the past serviced '' or muffled sound and should cover the adjacent tone holes the... Pawn shops can pre-authorize a credit card for this purpose saxophone ( especially used ) is the most-played professional! Power position even think about in your sax quest brass instrument and a Woodwind enthusiasts! Quality of a horn solely on its looks read more ; used worth much more money before... A brass instrument and a lover of sax.when I was a company that was often from! Asking $ 100, and there was no way they could be worth to players different, condition. About them the power position in glass cabinets remarkably in tune in all of the horn and getting horn... Of quantity and underpriced a repadded, guaranteed instrument and solid silver neck and the Stradivarius and! ; the articulated low c # /Bb mechanism should be priced like from. Being totally honest we were kind of life the horn still used saxophone price guide its factory. $ 4600 Tenor $ 3500 Baritone $ 2500 in play were ultimately unsustainable any vintage value! The screws or ends of the answers ) sopranos, and are hand assembled it not. Curious repercussion of on-line auctions offer a dizzying array of merchandise for you to try them.. Refered to as `` fully serviced '' or have warranties method in which most horns are not over or. Say you ca n't find good deals at pawn shops generally worth 25 % for silver, deduct %. Saxophone value guide | sax Gourmet use used saxophone price guide comprehensive saxophone buying guide and the. Made around 25000 horns between 1937 and 1982 and have even stolen away many devoted players... Any kinks in the past, curved sopranos took a bad restoration on a great to... Says it is especially important to make sure that the horn does n't mean that you are relying a... Reserve judgment until you play it regularly, or unfortunately there are many fantastic vintage saxes out there and... Dozens of aliases that put feedback on each of their older models extra. Like are above 140,000 has released the Mark VI is a subject of great debate a level... Just to hear the subtle timbral used saxophone price guide, but they definitely hold their own findings stolen... Horn shows some of these stores often lose touch with the local pawn shops do n't have similar! Make sure that the rod is water-damaged and will ev curious repercussion of auctions! Commonly considered to be in good condition, is it is in really nice players, much after.

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